CONFIRMED: Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who

During an interview with BBC Radio 2’s Jo Whiley Peter Capaldi announced that he has decided to step down as the role of the Doctor and that it was time to say goodbye to the show. It is no surprise (as a life long fan of the show) that Peter Capaldi’s exit comes as a shock despite many rumours he would be leaving the same time as show runner, Steven Moffatt. Series 10 will be the culmination of his incarnation of the Doctor and all fans will be sad to seem him leave after delighting us with his magnificent acting performances.

“It (the new series of Doctor Who) will be my last… I feel it’s time to move on.”

(from Doctor Who’s official Twitter account)

However he is still as enthusiastic as ever with his recent statement,

“I’m still ! We’re doing epic stuff! I’m not done yet!” – Peter Capaldi

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The ‘Whoniverse’

If you look at brands such as DC and Marvel they have both created a universe of their own not only in their comics but on the big screen and television. Marvel have been able to establish a series of films based on individuals and groups such as ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. DC have followed in their rivals footsteps and realised you don’t need to pack everything into a 2 hour film but also they have been able to expand this over a TV series of many episodes such as their programmes ‘Arrow’ and the ‘Flash’. As a Whovian I believe that ‘Doctor Who’ has the potential to expand it’s brand like Marvel and DC have.In this article I will be speculating the options for their own ‘Whoniverse’ how it could advantage the much-loved sic-fi programme. Continue reading

Samuel Anderson cast as recurring character

Samuel Anderson has been cast as a recurring character for Peter Capaldi’s debut series as the Doctor. Anderson is well known for portraying the role of Ross Kirk in Emmerdale and Fingers in Gavin and Stacey.

The BBC have revealed that Samuel Anderson will play a school teacher at Coal Hill School alongside Clara who we saw teaching at the school in the 50th Anniversary. It was rumoured a new companion would be cast as a love interest for Clara in the Tardis. As of yet we are un-certain if he will be joining the Doctor and Clara in the Tardis as a companion or if he would be like Rory at the start of series 5 and only appearing occaisionally before being a full-time time traveller.

samuel anderson vortex pic

He spoke on him joining the show:

‘I was so excited to join Doctor Who I wanted to jump and click my heels, but I was scared I might not come down before filming started! It’s a quintessential part of British culture and I can’t believe I’m part of it. It’s an honour to be able to work alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and I can’t wait to show people how my character becomes involved with such a fantastic duo!’

Steven Moffat, executive producer and lead writer of the show contributed on his involvement:

‘For the fourth time in Doctor Who history, Coal Hill School is coming to the aid of the TARDIS. In 1963 teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright accompanied the First Doctor. These days it’s the turn of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. And very soon now, Sam Anderson as Danny Pink will be entering the world of the Doctor. But how and why? Answers are coming later this year in Peter Capaldi’s first series of Doctor Who!’

Filming has already begun on the episode in Cardiff Bay. It is rumoured that he will make his debut in episode 4 of series 8 .