First 6 pages from the 4 Doctors Titan Comics series

Since the announcement of Titan Comics’ forthcoming  multi -Doctor story, previews and spoilers have kept Whovians in the dark about the series until today. Titan Comics has released a preview of the first six pages

from the series including the War Doctor, who was portrayed in the Day of the Doctor by acclaimed actor, John Hurt.

Written by fan favourite Paul Cornell (Father’s Day,Human Nature/Family of Blood) the series starring John Hurt,David Tennant,Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s incarnations of the Doctor marks the start of Tiran Comics’ Doctor Who Comics Day on Saturday, August 15th.

Last seen in 1964’s “The Keys of Marinus” the Doctor will be making a return to the planet Marinus in the upcoming comic adventure.

image image image image image

The series that starts in August will carry on all through until September as a following to the fifteen different conclusions released of Year One. After what promises to be an explosive finale to this multi-Doctor series,the second year of the three most recent Doctors will begin.

The first issue of the Doctor Who: Four Doctors series will be released in August 12, three days before the global “Doctor Who Comics Day” on Saturday,August 15.

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