Missy Who?

Since series 8 began with Deep Breath the question that many whovians have been asking is,

“Who is Missy?”

Doctor Who Series 8

In this article i will be speculating the favourite rumours and theories from Whovians. The finale begins with “Dark Water” on Saturday which promises to reveal Missy’s true identity.

The Master


Possibly Doctor Who’s most notorious villain is the master, most recently portrayed by John Simm. “Doctor’s Wife” struck a chord in the hearts of fans with the idea of the Doctor being able to regenerate into a woman. Could it be that the Doctor’s arch nemesis has regenerated after all he was taken back into the Time War in the “End of Time pt.2″Of course this would be a whole new twist to the series and a fresh start for the Master. The Master’s return would be very interesting because of his role in the Time War and perhaps help the Doctor to find Gallifrey. In recent trailers and clips for Dark Water/Death in heaven Michelle Gomez who plays Missy has nailed the charisma and charm of the Master.

The Rani


A Time Lady from Gallifrey who was a key role in the classic series of “WHO” was the Rani. It would be a great treat for fans if the Rani would return to Doctor Who and to engage new viewers with the classic characters. With the success of John Simms’s Master this is possible with a new villain such as The Rani. Missy meddles in time a lot this series, picking out those who have died for the Doctor. In the “Bells of Saint john”Clara is given the Tardis’ telephone number, to have this it must be someone close to the Doctor who is able to Travel in Time such as the Master she ticks all the boxes and it would be a fantastic tribute to the late Kate O’Mara .


Gus Doctor-Who-10th-Doctor-s-Chameleon-Arch-Pocket-Watch-2

A new villain of sorts who forced the Doctor to solve the puzzling mystery of the foretold in “The Mummy on the Orient Express”.In my opinion this screen has an image that looks very much like a fob watch. Was this an intentional design the BBC to replicate the Doctor’s fob watch seen in “The Family of Blood/Human Nature” and “Utopia”? And why the name GUS? Could this be a message like the Face of Boe’s in “Utopia”

Y.A.N.A- “You are not alone”

Other people have been linking it to the design of a cyberman eye on an image of a door released by the BBC to promote “Dark Water”


This image shows Seb ,portrayed by Peter Capaldi’s co-star Chris Addison on the “Thick of It”,looking through the window at something in a very peculiar way. Seb was seen briefly in “The Caretaker” in heaven with Missy

River Song

tnotd 12

Before series 8 Matt Smith expressed his feeling saying that he wouldn’t like to see River’s return because her story is done…Or is it? River can easily pilot the Tardis and as the Doctor says “Cheap methods of Time Travelling,” such as the Vortex Manipulator.It is plausible that Missy could be River Song although why would River aid the Cybermen? Aswell River is not seen as a threat to the Doctor especially being his Wife. I’m sure many fans would not like this theory but it has been addressed by many Whovians after watching the episodes  and seems like a fairly logical suggestion.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Article and feel free to leave your thoughts. Don’t miss out on the hour long Dark Water which premieres this Saturday at 8pm UK time.

“Who knows eh, WHO knows?”

 – The Curator


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