Pondering Series 8 Time Lords rumours.

Owain Carbis speculates the rumour of the Time Lords return following recent rumours.

There have been a great deal of rumours lately that The Day of the Doctor will resurrect the time lords, I believe if these rumours are true this does answer what Steven Moffat said about the 50th Anniversary changing the course of Doctor Who. Therefore if this is true this would change his appearance from the survivor of the Time War to perhaps be the enemy of the Time Lords perhaps for destroying their home world. If you thoroughly enjoyed David Tennan’t  swan song The End of Time like I did then you are probably hoping for Timothy Daltons fearsome Rassilon back.


Rassilon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also rumoured is that Matt Smith will be the last incarnation of these set of regenerations and will be given a new set of regenerations as a gift from the Time Lords which would make Peter Capaldi’s Doctor the first. Again this also helps how Moffat is planning on carrying on Doctor Who for the next 50 years for its 100th Anniversary (don’t get too excited since the 50th anniversary is only 21 away!)  Considering the 13th Doctor is the infamous Valeyard,maybe Matt Smith (the current Doctor) has to wipe his remaining regenarations to prevent the events of the sixth Doctor 14 part episode The Trial of a Timelord in which the Master revealed that the evil Valeyard was infact the Doctor’s 13th incarnation. Despite of being a one regeneration gap unless Peter Capaldi is involved or appears in the 50th Anniversary.


                                      image: onegemini


image: AHiLdesigns

Although it is unclear how the Time Lords survive I believe that Dalek Caan might have betrayed Davros again through saving the Time Lords when he could break through the time-lock to the Time War. This is a possibility considering that the Daleks time travel ability is stolen from the Time Lords and that Dalek Caan had helped the 10th Doctor and his friend on the Crucible.  But I have often wondered how the Doctor hadn’t bumped into a Time Lord in the past because many of the Time Lords used to explore the Universe before the war. You might be wondering why would a Dalek betray his own race and save their enemy?  Could it be that a future war will take place where the Daleks are victorious and the Doctor is over powered who would they need.


 If the Time Lords do return this could result in the Doctor being chased across Time and Space yet again or congratulated for saving so many other worlds during his time. Will we see the Doctor’s family? Will the Master return? How will the Master return? These rumours do raise many questions but on the other hand they do give solutions to Moffat’s plans and his promises.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article please feel free to leave a comment.

Featured Image: ShawnVanBriesen


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