Doctor Who, lessons in Time and Space

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ImageAs November 23rd approaches and my excitement increases I felt it was only fair to pay homage to a television programme that has inspired millions of children for the last 50 years.

I firmly believe that Doctor Who has motivated five generations of viewers in a number of different and exciting ways.  When considering 5 lessons that can be deemed to be taught by Doctor Who, it became clear that Science should be the starting point.

5. In an age of gadgets, tablets, smartphone and PCs and the web , it is exciting to reveal that Doctor Who has led Scientists on the journey to new and exciting discoveries.

The above link will take you to a blog that discusses creating a real sonic screwdriver. My Doctor didn’t use one but for all fans, we know that the screwdriver has been an essential piece of kit.–want-to-future.htmlhtml

Brian Cox…

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