The news of Matt Smith’s successor being revealed has stormed to the headlines of the media. With a live show commissioned for Sunday,4th of August hosted by Zoe Ball, Matt Smith and show-runner Steven Moffat, this doesn’t give us much time to guess who the 12th Doctor will be. There has been an excited uproar from fans on social networks,everybody with the same question on the mind, who is the 12th Doctor? This week saw Peter Capaldi unexplainably storm to the top of the bookies list. Although starring as Caecilius in Doctor Who’s, Fire’s of Pompeï and Doctor Who’s spin-off Torchwood:Children of Earth as John Frobisher; is it a good idea to cast a Doctor,who’s already had a great involvement in the show?

Yesterday, before quickly deleting the post on Twitter, a freelance journalist leaked a change in BBC One’s schedule Sunday night. As a result of this,BBC confirmed at midnight last night that Doctor Who Live will air at 7pm Sunday nigh UK time. This is a special live episode which simulcasts with BBC America at 2pm.

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