The Name of the Doctor

Here is an introduction with all the news,clues,facts and trailers for this Saturday’s episode.


tnotd 14


1. A piece of dialogue from ‘The Bells of Saint John’ is repeated here.

2. “Do you hear the Whispermen?”

3. Strax (Dan Starkey) finds a place where he can feel at home.

4. “The Doctor does not discuss his secrets with anyone.”

5. A piece of bad news brings the Doctor to tears.

6. “I’ve probably time-travelled more than anyone else.”

7. There’s a possible Sherlock Holmes allusion.

8. “Is that your big secret?”

9. The TARDIS is *virtually* indestructible.

10. “I lied.”

Solutions: 1. Without a doubt this must be “tun you clever boy and remember”, it is a possible tradition now for all different Clara’s to say this,perhaps we might see another? (Although I very much doubt their will be another.)

2. This would suggest that they are very silent but this is obvious as the clue is in the name.

3. Perhaps Strax finds himself with his family and returns to Sontar?

4. This is a puzzling teaser but obviously it must be a quote from someone,Dr Simeon (The Great Intelligence) perhaps?

5. As may other fans have guessed could this be a tribute to Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) this is very possible considering they did the same for Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) in ‘The Wedding of River Song’.(Although a brand new clip has been published which is exclusive to Digital Spy that show’s Clara giving the Doctor bad news about going to Trenzalore as he bursts into tears.)

6. The very first thought many people will get when reading this is that it is the Doctor saying this but maybe it is aimed to people to think it is the Doctor.Could it be River or could Clara be a Time Lord and she has travelled more than the Doctor.

7. It is possible that this is a reference to Sherlock’s latest episode ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ in which Sherlock commits suerside side by jumping of a building but miraculously survived.

8. Again this is a puzziling teaser so please leave your thoughts below.

9. This states virtually as if it is a in a computer like the one in the library ‘CAL’ (The little girl, Charlotte Abigail Lux) perhaps The Great Intelligence are a part of it alongside River Song (Melody Pond).

10. Rule one the Doctor always lies.

tnotd 8


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Spoiler pics:

tnotd 15tnotd 16tnotd 17tnotd 18

It is possible to see a glimpse of Bessy in the tv trailer.


Strax Field Report: A Glorious Day – The Name of the Doctor

Strax delivers a field report about events that will unfold in The Name of the Doctor…

A Message for Clara – The Name of the Doctor – Preview
Clara, the impossible girl, receives a mysterious message from Madame Vastra.

She Said, He Said: A Prequel – The Name of the Doctor

The Doctor and Clara reflect on how little they know about each other.

(Some viewers may find this as a sequel more than a prequel)

Introducing The Name of the Doctor 
Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman reveal what they love about the epic series finale.


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