Hide Review

Above all this was a quite an average Doctor Who. Although there was a high expectation for this episode I believe it could have been much for frightening. Again with Neil Cross’ work it is described as Marmite, whovian\fans would either love this or hate it. Like they had with The Rings of Akhaten, which was also written by Neil Cross. Comments and reviews from numerous websites has described The Rings of Akhaten as a brilliant episode although its average rating was 3\5 ( three out of five).

Comparing to Mark Gatiss’ Unquiet Dead, 9th Doctor episode it wasn’t even half as frightening.  We all knew about zombies,ghosts and all the stereotypical horror icons but in the Unquiet Dead it brought a strong and dark Who twist to it, but unfortunately this did not. I praise Neil Cross on his work on Luther and Spooks but I do not believe that his writing has the same effect on Doctor Who. I’m sure Steven Moffat disagrees with me because he asked Neil to return after writing Hide to write The Rings of Akhaten, but I do hope that his writing will adapt to the programme and bring his own twist to the Time Lord but still keeping the same Who vibe to it.

On the positive side it was brilliant to see a new writer sticking to the programme’s iconic themes such as the Cloister Bell and the Doctor rummaging through Earth’s history. In the teasers for Hide it was announced that the Cloister Bell will toll but not the only time this series. Maybe it will toll again in next week’s episode Journey to the Centre of the Tardis or even the finale the Name of the Doctor or perhaps both even. Who knows?

journey to the centre of the tardis 2sherlock

Again I would give this episode a 3\5 for it had all the average Who priorities but not the Doctor Who vibe that you’ll get in older episodes such as David Tennant’s era. I am very looking forward to next weeks episode which is written by  Steven Thompson who has written The Fall of the Reichenbach, the brilliant series finale for Sherlock’s second season.


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