Cold War Review

What can you say except for an exceptional episode. It was a truly  great resemblance to a classic Doctor Who. Through out the episode were thrills and chills which sent shivers down your spine. Not only was it the return of the Ice Warriors it was , in a way, a premiere to a new one. For the first time we were introduced to the creature underneath the armour. 

It was truly terrifying to see the creature slithering around the submarine. There was a strong similarity between the episode and the film Alien, which stars the highly regarded actor John Hurt who has been announced to participate in Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary. It was an amazing piece of writing by Mark Gatiss ( co-creator of BBC One’s hit detective programme, Sherlock) and with an amazing cast starring Liam Cunningham and David Warner.


It was a great introduction to the classic monsters the Ice Warriors and hopefully the 50th Anniversary will live up to it’s expectation when the Zygons return!

I hope you have enjoyed this review and please leave your comments below. Thank you!


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