Zygons are back for the 50th Anniversary!!!

The  Zygons are confirmed to return for the 50th Anniversary. The BBC published an image of the Zygons on the set of filming. The shape-shifting alien first made it’s appearance in the 4th Doctor’s episode ‘Terror of the Zygons’ and now will return once again on the 30th of November for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary 3D (or 2D) special on BBC One and in selected cinemas.

1a doctor who 50th zygons

Although not many people have noticed, in the new DWM it’s published the results of there poll on ‘Which Doctor’s classic monster would you like to see return?’.  In this poll the  Zygons stormed to the  lead with 57% whereas many of the other contestants only reached from 1%-10%. There was an alien from each incarnation of the Doctor, the contestants were:

1st Doctor-Zarbi

2nd Doctor-Quarks

3rd Doctor-Axons

4th Doctor- Zygons

5th Doctor–Terileptils

6th Doctor-Vervoids

7th Doctor-Haemovores

8th Doctor- (There was not an alien for the 8th Doctor for he only did one episode, The Movie)

9th Doctor-Reapers

10th Doctor-Sycorax

11th Doctor- Saturnynes

For the results of the poll you have to buy DWM issue 459.

Images from:  http://www.radiotimes.com     https://twitter.com/bbcdoctorwho


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