The Bells of Saint John Review

The Bells of Saint John was an action packed episode which kicked off the series brilliantly. I believe that The Bells of Saint John lived up to it’s expectation. Although it was not one of the best openers of Doctor Who I believe that it gave a brilliant insight and introduction to the new series. There were many thrills,amazing graphics and the Doctor engaging in a normal life by taking grips with a laptop instead of a screwdriver. Comparing to recent openers by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who’s headwriter) such as The Eleventh Hour, this episode was very gripping and wanted you to watch more and every time you will watch it again you will discover more clues to the rest of the series.

You may disagree with me but I do not believe that the name The Bells of Saint John unclear on what it had to do with the episode. It was clear afterwards that the Tardis phone is The Bells of Saint John for it has the St John Ambulance emblem on the right hand side of it.


Maybe not many people would notice but there is a big resemblance between this episode  The Idiot’s Lantern. As many of you Whovians will know the plot for this episode was an alien called the Wire that was feeding off human minds through there television. In The Bells of Saint John it was an alien that fed off human minds by uploading human minds to the Wi-Fi.  As you can see there is an enormous resemblance between the 2 episode’s. It is not an enormous resemblance but also there is a resemblance between the Spoonheads and the talking stations in The Silence in the Library.

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