Maybe you don’t need all eleven doctors, perhaps you only need two!

It is confirmed that David Tennant and Billie Piper will return as the Doctor and Rose alongside the current duo Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, the Doctor and Clara . Also, guest starring is the veteran actor John Hurt. He is known for his exceptional roles in famous films and television programmes such as Alien, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Merlin and so on.


It was officially revealed by the BBC through Twitter that they will be appearing in the  50th episode. Doctor Who Magazine have confirmed this in their article Gallifrey Guardian. Many fans believe this to be an April fools joke. Although I believe it’s true because if it was an April fools joke only DWM would publish it but today the BBC, Doctoor Who Official and BBC America have announced it. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

david tennant 50thbillie piper 50th

john hurt 50th

All images were from Doctor Who Official Twitter page: and

Filming commences on Monday.Meanwhile Doctor Who returns to our screens tonight on BBC one at 6:15pm.


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