Doctor Who The Bells of Saint John

As the grand return of Doctor Who comes ever closer with The Bells of Saint John we are still baffled with the puzzling mystery of Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman). How could Clara ( Jenna-Louise Coleman) appear in modern day as a Dalek in the Asylum of the Daleks and appear as a barmaid and governess in Victorian England? Well we must wait and be patient until Doctor Who returns in 6 days ( it depends when you are reading this). This episode is written by Doctor Who’s show-runner Steven Moffat and directed by Colm McCarthy. Here is a special treat for you whovians a special chat between the Doctor and Clara from the new episode The Bells of Saint John as it was shown in the incredible Doctor Who magazine.

The Doctor: “You’re a nanny. Isn’t that a bit…Victorian?”
Clara: “Victorian?”
The Doctor: “Well,you’re young. Shouldn’t you be doing, you know…young things? With young people?
Clara: What you mean like you, for instance? Down boy!”

Here is an extract from Doctor Who Magazine describing the episode in a nutshell:

Earth 2013. A whole world swimming in Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi soup! Suppose something got inside it. Suppose there was something living in the Wi-Fi, harvesting human minds. Something that loves and cares for humanity so much, it can’t get enough of it…

Here is the amazing cast for this saturday’s Doctor Who (Easter Saturday).
The Doctor – Matt Smith
Clara – Jenna-Louise Coleman
Miss Kizlet – Celia Imrie
Mahler – Robert Whitlock
Alexei- Dan Li
Nabile – Manpreet Bachu
Paul – Sean Knopp
The Abbott – James Greene
George – Geff Francis
Angie – Eve de Leon Allen
Artie Kassius – Carey Johnson
Little Girl – Danielle Eames
Barista – Fred Pearson
Waitress – Jade Anouka
Newsreader – Olivia Hill
Child Reading with Comic – Isabella Blake-Thomas
Man with Chips – Matthew Earley
Pilot – Antony Edridge

Also there are rumours of The Great Intelligence return in the episode The Bells of Saint John, who knows maybe the Yeti will return to?. Remember to watch Doctor Who on Saturday 30th of March at 6:15pm on BBC one.

Sources: and Doctor Who Magazine



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